How to Find Leads in Network Marketing Using a Single Article

How to find leads in network marketing is probably one of the biggest challenges for new business owners. But there is an easy way to generate dozens of potential leads with just one article.

First of all, most of the internet marketing experts, and those that are good at generating site traffic, will tell you that there are many different ways to get visitors to your web site or lead capture pages. Of all the possibilities out there, marketing with articles is probably in the top three. Some would even argue that it is the top method of getting traffic.

One of the big reasons why you should utilize the article concept to find leads for your network marketing business is that it’s free. Yes, it will cost you some time to make it work, but it doesn’t cost you any money unless you want to take things to the next level.

Some of the clear benefits of marketing with articles are…

1. No cost or very low cost

2. Long term exposure on the internet for months or even years

3. Positions you as an expert on that particular topic

4. Can go viral very easily especially if you write it

5. Hands-off marketing method that works automatically

The problem with using this method is that many people are scared away by the thought of having to sit down for hours and write long, detailed articles for their readers. However, that is not really necessary.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with keeping an article short and simple. The primary goal is to provide good information that your reader needs to solve a problem. Besides, you really don’t have to personally write the article at all.

There are many reputable sites online that provide helpful articles that you can use. Simply do a search on Google for article directories or visit EzineArticles to get started. Once there, you will be able to identify an article that relates directly to your business, product, or service and use it to market your business.

The fastest and easiest way to benefit from a single article is to post it on one of your web sites and then reference it on forums, in chat rooms, or other advertising that you may be running.

We are going to use this article as an example. Let’s say you found this article on one of the sites mentioned earlier and the author has given you reprint or redistribution rights. That basically means you can freely use it, provided you keep their signature box and site link intact. So, now you have this great information at your fingertips and are ready to generate some leads.

The first thing I would do is post it on my web site and make sure to keep the direct link handy. By posting it on your own site, it gives you greater flexibility and options in terms of directing your visitors to where you want them to go. Once a person follows your link to the article, they will most likely take some time and visit your main page as well. You can even include a link somewhere on the article’s page that refers them to your newsletter or lead capture page.

If you don’t have your own web site, or prefer not to host the article, you can still benefit greatly by using it on online forums. By the way, forums are another proven way of generating targeted traffic for your business, but you have to genuinely participate on them and not just post spam the boards (unsolicited messages) with links to outside articles.

The best way to do this is to find forums that relate to your business and help others by answering their questions. Using this article again as an example, when someone asks on the forum about how to find leads in network marketing , you can respond by referring them to the location of this information. But, you also want to leave your primary signature file at the same time. This file contains a link directly to your site.

How To Maintain Customer Attention Span With Multimedia Marketing Resources

With customer attention span becoming shorter and shorter, ecommerce businesses and small online entrepreneurs alike are looking for creative and innovative ways to capture their audience more than ever. Several businesses are starting to turn to multimedia audio and video marketing for several reasons.

I realized the power of multimedia marketing several years ago while producing marketing videos for different cruising companies that still hold true today more than ever.

Customers like to be entertained. Finding a way to entertain customers while subliminally slipping in the benefits is a great way for people to feel like they are not being sold to. Who likes to be sold to anyways? It brings back the psychological triggers of the in-person sales pitch where people feel pressured. If a customer turns on the television or watches a website video with a sales pitch through some form of direct response marketing, they don’t feel as threatened compared to an “in-person” sales pitch.

I remember one time I did a sales video for a company that was sent out to a group of database clients. Those same clients also received a flyer. When the people who responded asked what method they learned about the offer through, only a small percentage said they read the flyer. Everyone else watched or listened to the video. Although the flyer was only a blurb, the video was about seven minutes, but could easily be listened to while they were busy and multitasking. From that campaign and several others, we were fortunate to be able to test and track our results from the media that was sent out and how it was delivered in direct comparison to the response. The results were always that the promotional videos received the best response and call to action.

In multimedia marketing, there are several resources that maintain customer attention on websites when used properly. Streaming audio, flash video, professional slideshow presentations and commercial video production do the trick. After doing different tests on the web, we’ve found out that the “mix and match” works the best. A “mix and match” is using a combination of real video, possible animations andgraphic text instead of having only one still imagery, video or graphics.

The reason we have found this works best is because it hits the triggers of customers on different levels that they can connect with. When using video in multimedia marketing, customers relate that directly to the realism of it. When using streaming audio, customers are able to connect the voice and soundtrack to everything else that is on the website simultaneously, allowing the online experience to be more personalized. When using motion still images, this puts customer at ease while they connect the images and soundtrack to their own world of endless possibilities. A picture is “worth a thousand words” when adding the proper music and visual cues that hits the emotional subliminal buying triggers.

When using any or all of these resources, pacing is the key. Pacing is the speed and momentum at which the presentation is being delivered. Just like a headline that grabs customer attention, a multimedia marketing solution is an extended headline with benefits, features and a call to action about your business.

Direct Drip Email Marketing Tactic

If you have the products or services that you want to sell on the Internet, you’ll want to create a web site where you’ll advertise what you are offering and you’ll also want to spread a word about your products or services to the world. You can easily and quickly do it via email. Email marketing is certainly one of the most powerful strategies in internet marketing. It’s quick, cost effective – you do not have to pay a set price for every email that is sent out – and allows contact people in all parts of the world. So, you can get more purchasers and respectively more revenue for less investment of time and money.

How does one accomplish bulk email marketing campaign?

You can use online bulk emailing services, or you can pay a marketing firm to do your bulk email promotions, or you can use direct email marketing software to distribute your email campaigns sitting at your computer.

Using software can be the most cost-effective method if you have the time to manage your prospects list and accomplish your email campaigns with a constant frequency.

There is wide choice of direct email marketing software packages available on the Internet market. Some are even freeware programs that don’t require any investment. Although they don’t generally have the value-added features that come with software packages that you purchase; however, if you aren’t running a large email marketing campaign, they may suit your needs for accomplishing specific tasks just fine.

What is Drip Email Marketing?

The concept behind drip email marketing consists in sending periodic emails to prospects and clients hoping to bring them to your website and make them purchase products or services. It is an effective method to generate new purchasers from your prospects and keeping relationship with your existing clients.

Drip Email Marketing tactic results from the idea that nobody purchases online products or services instantly. A visitor can come to your web site a few times before he becomes a purchaser. Keeping this in mind, how are you going to stimulate your prospects’ interest to your site and keep them informed about your products and services? This is where a drip email marketing campaign is quite to the point.

Imagine that a prospect has just visited your site and left you the email address. It’s important to note that you should add a sign-in form to your web site to collect the prospects’ email addresses. It’s rather useful if your sign-in form asks the subscriber to provide some about additional and not only the email address. I’m not talking about private information. I’m talking about the subscriber’s area of interest, hobbies, specific needs, or at least the emails he prefers to receive, text or HTML. All this information will help you segment your prospects and send more relevant email messages to each group.

So, based on the subscribers’ preferences, you set up a drip email marketing campaign catered to their specific needs. Each message you send them give more information about their inquiries slightly hinting them at you and your products or services. It is an importunate way to stamp your name in their mind. Remember, you don’t sell anything yet. You just give an advice and information about their particular needs and wishes.

For your existing clients, a drip email marketing campaign is similar. You only need to tailor the emails so they are oriented to the client after purchase. Your email drips must contain relevant information that can help the customer with the products or services he purchased. The customer must be sure that you are always there to assist him. When your client believes that you are a faithful and reliable partner, he is ready to purchase again from you.

It may probably sound like you will need more than one tool to accomplish your drip email marketing campaign. But you can find many programs on the Internet that can handle your growing lists of prospective and present clients. Our email management software must be flexible enough to treat each client or prospect according to the routine of your drip email campaign.

The most important thing to remember about drip email marketing is that you must not send meaningless emails. Each message must have an informative content, a real reason to contact your prospects and clients, not just a note saying “Hi!” or “How are you?”.

If your drip marketing email cannot keep the client’s interest, it will be deleted immediately next time when they read the sender’s email address. We all are busy people and won’t spend our time for dull messages. If you are trying to build the relationship based on trust and faith, you cannot tolerate that they never open your emails. You can start directly from the subject line. The subject itself must grab people’s attention and make them want to read your message. This is the essential concept behind a drip email marketing campaign – to develop a trust and faithful relationship with your customer by sending valuable information. When the rapport of informative and useful emails is established, your clients and prospects will be looking forward for every email from you and they will even recommend your company and your products to others. Isn’t it exactly what you want for you business? I’m sure it is.

Direct Marketing – Promoting Your Business 1:1

When it comes to choosing the right marketing method for your business, you might find yourself in a hard position. Sure, you might discover that, luckily, there are many existent methods, still, usually just only one budget… And you will soon discover that marketing one product or service is usually an expensive campaign, or forces you to use advertising ways that are not exactly fitting your business goals.

No matter the field, there is one common feature among companies: we all became more sophisticated and price sensitive. And so is our client! The general tendency in business is to receive maximum quality and at a best price.

Can dazzling your exhibitors and attendees or your business, in general, be actually something easily to achieve? Yes, if you have the key, two-way communication method.

In order to “catch” the client in the right spot and at the right moment, many companies use today the direct selling method also knows as 1:1 (one on one) sales approach.

1:1 sales approach can be made thorough telemarketing (on the phone) through emails and also “face to face” by providing the opportunity for the client to – try, feel, taste and smell your products.

Picture this familiar scene: you are walking in the supermarket, when suddenly an attractive woman comes and offers you to try today (and you must try it today!!) the new product from …
It can be annoying but researches showed that it actually works. Most of the clients prefer to try one product, before they decide to buy. The reason for that is to minimize the risk by buying something they don’t know. It is even easier when it comes to kids…

So we have a wining method to present our benefits to the world, the only thing left is to do it right.
Taking a few beautiful samplers is not enough-it’s a campaign and it is worth to take it seriously

“It happened to me before…the clients ask for a few “kids” to give away flyers. I respect it but I really believe you should put more when it is about your brand. Does a teenager fit your brand? ”
says Osnat Peled, the marketing manager of Mentor Pro Market. “A real promoter needs listening and organizational skills, charm, and, of course, style. They need to focus both on exhibitors and attendees.”

Finding the right person who can attract more clients and potential buyers in order to try, taste and feel your products is, in fact, the key in this particular case. What counts here is how well trained are the promoters. Well-trained promoters collect “hot leads”, smile and show anywhere how good your company and services are.

The task should be specific to each campaign. First decide:

o Do you want to create awareness?

o Do you want people to try your products?

o Do you want to collects leads?

o Do you want to provide information?

Each and every task demands a different approach and a different manpower.
After establishing your needs it will be easier to define the profile of the promoters and samplers you need for your campaign.

Direct marketing can be a wonderful way to expose your brand and fast, it is also not very expensive in terms of price per benefits, now what’s left is to do it right and to do it right at first try.